Bifurcation of diversity in economic and sociodynamicmodels

Автор: Brattsev S.G., Solomahin A.A.

Т/О “НЕФОРМАТ” Издат-во Accent Graphics Communications, Montreal, 2014
Электронное издание



The purpose of this little book is the logical conclusion of research groups under the leadership of AA Petrova and D.S.Chernavskogo . By this we mean a complete description of the bifurcation manifolds for their models, which for some reason was not carried out in the pioneering work of these authors and their employees. These studies have yielded some pretty interesting conclusions, which were absent in the work of the creators of the original models (conclusions outlined mourning frame). In the future, the authors attempt to integrate these models into a coherent whole, adding to this stock exchange, financial, demographic, medical, criminal and other statistics as well as methods of using the global reconstruction of dynamic systems and new approaches to the authors’ analysis and forecasting of multivariate statistics.

We hope to get a reliable tool for the development of administrative decisions in the medium and long-term policy of large financial-industrial groups and government agencies responsible for this policy. Mathematics and Algorithms of this study are prepared by 90%. We are happy to take any organization (and, more importantly, financial) support to this project.

We are grateful for useful discussions and comments PhD Kryuchkov VN and Ph.D. Murzin FA

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