69 Wishes

Автор: Julia Lander
Т/О “НЕФОРМАТ” Издат-во Accent Graphics Communications, Montreal, 2017
Электронное издание


Five spoiled teenagers instead of going to the prom goes to Holland. In the first night in Amsterdam a stranger sits down next by with an unidentified gender and looks. The stranger offers the deal of granting any wishes just for a meal. The teens agrees to the offer, but there is a catch to it. Granted wishes change the reality for the teens becoming their inner demons which cost them losing themselves. The stranger tells the teens that he can grant any wish imaginable but only one for each. Our heroes then say their wishes. Joy wishes to be the most beautiful and desirable for any man. Leroy chooses an infinite amount of time. Chantal wants to have a rare talent in everything. Casey wishes a brilliant intellect. Seth wishes a yacht, beautiful women and illicit drugs. After the crazy night in the bar, our heroes wake up and laugh at the deal they made. But their wishes have been heard and made real one by one for each of them. The teens have a fight and then leave to be alone. But our heroes are only puppets in the hands of that stranger. Their lives now only play by his rules.

Электронное издание

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