Modern antitrust (competition) law of Russia

Under general edition of the professor I. A. Tsindeliani
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Antitrust regulation has a long history. Without going into the details of the historical development of the antitrust legal frameworks in the world we can say that the first of the famous monuments of law in this area is provided to us already by the Antiquity. Thus, Diocletian’s edict on prices of the year 302 certainly can be attributed to the acts to combat speculative monopolies and collusion aimed at increasing commodity prices. However, the feature of the Act is that it does not fit into the legal system of market controls, because it was overly strict, straightforward and inflexible in attempts to solve the problem of the high cost price. He ranked the prices of basic commodities throughout the empire and provided the most severe punishment for non-compliance of the price regime. Due to obvious excesses the blood was shed in vain and this edict was soon canceled by the successors of Diocletian.

Clear example of the ancient legal antitrust regulation, which is moreover an expression of the market principles of legal regulation of economic relations and acts is seen at the end of V century AD during the Constitution of the Emperor Leo the Great and Zeno «About monopolies and illegal gatherings of merchants (traders) …», included later in the Justinian Code.

Monopoly and antitrust regulation are known to the Medieval Ages, and modern times, and subsequent periods.5 Antitrust law has developed and / or modified, finding new forms, some changing their content, depending on the particular socio-economic challenges of the era and features of the development of the State. This process continues in the world today.

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