The New Revelation: A Scientific Alternative to the “End of the Age”

Scientific consultant: Evgeny Molchanov
Автор: Zemfira Minaeva
Т/О “НЕФОРМАТ” Издат-во Accent Graphics Communications, Montreal, 2015
Электронное издание


Since ancient times, man has used the trial and error method as the only available way of making decisions on all aspects of his life. According to scientific data, the trial and error method actually implies 99.99% mistakes. This means that, on average, only one out of 10,000 attempts made by man is successful. Such a poor efficiency does not leave human society with any chance to cope with the fast escalating challenges and threats of our time.

This book contains information on the groundbreaking discoveries that fundamentally alter our conception of the world and human capabilities. By unifying science and religion, the author of these discoveries has managed to develop, inter alia, a scientifically proven alternative to the trial and error method. This new method of decision-making demonstrates how to make each of man’s trials successful and thereby increase the efficiency of any activity, including spiritual, dramatically — up to 10,000 times. For the first time in history, humanity can be transfigured spiritually (Mt 17:2) by using the extraordinary potential of the new knowledge. This is the only way to intellectual and technological breakthroughs that can lead the world community to unprecedented prosperity and harmony instead of the “abomination of desolation” at “the end of the age” (Mt 24:14-15).

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