Unicum Organum

Автор: Vladimir Anisimoff
Т/О “НЕФОРМАТ” Издат-во Accent Graphics Communications, Montreal, 2018
Электронное издание


Author of this book is the creator of new investigation methods in the field of hidden surfaces (80-th of XX century) by means of the magnetic resonance (today it is an important part of the well-known concept MRT) uses an exclusive tool – Unicum Organum, that is, the Human Reason, to discuss an innovative approach to the philosophical view on the matter of Entity. In this book, in terms of exact sciences, the author describes the informational nature of our Universe (Summa Rerum) and gives new real ideas for creating new-generation computers and robots on the base of electrochemical processors on the molecular level.

“In 1989, I was going to defend my doctoral dissertation at the Institute of Chemical Physics named after N. N. Semenov in Moscow. One of the disciples of the academician Nikolai M. Emanuel, the member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Anatoly L. Buchachenko gave me an important and very constructive thought: all the work must always answer three questions – What (is done)? Why (it is done)? and How (it is done)? And I answer all three questions about the book you are reading now.

In this book, I have set out the data about the chemical-physical approach to the analysis of Life and Death (no less, and no more).

The analysis was done to satisfy my own curiosity, but maybe it will be interesting to others, too.

The presentment is being done both in the strict scientific form and in the form of a humorous parable to emphasize the possibility of the ‘reasoning games’ even for, at its core, serious issues.”

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