Time machine secret

Тайна машины времени
Автор: Alexander Belikov
Т/О “НЕФОРМАТ”, 2017
Электронное издание


The proposed study is a continuation of gravitation, space items stated in my brochures. There I explained the gravitation nature without the use of the general theory of relativity. But I operated with a space expansion concept, without explaining its nature and presenting it simply in the form of volume lattice penetrating our surroundings. In this book, I would like to air my views on space in more detail and to consider the possibilities of time machine creation on basis of my own ideas. It is a technical approach. There is also a method of consciousness manipulation, as well. But it is beyond the suggested theory. The book is written in a simple language and be perceived for any person with school education. In conclusion, I want to say that in the list of references there are two of my brochures: «Gravitation» and «An electromagnetic field and special theory of relativity «. They were published in a paper form. To save you from searching them in libraries, I placed them in the section «Supplements» » of this book and made corrections of them.

The book is written in English and in Russian

Электронное издание

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  1. Александр написал:

    Книга безусловно представляет интерес для тех, кто смело мыслит и чьё мнение не зависит от мнения корифеев науки. Она даёт объяснение физическим законам, которые до сих пор были необъяснимы. Она написана сразу на двух языках: английском и русском, простым, доступным языком и будет понятна даже старшеклассникам.

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